How do I challenge my child? What’s the next step to deepen their learning?

You face these questions daily as you guide your children’s learning pathways. As a leading K-12 publisher serving over 6 million students, we have selected top resources from our homeschool curriculum to help support homeschool families.

We build our homeschool solutions from the ground-up and take pride in not only the scaffolding in our instruction and the rigor of our practice items but also the support that we embed in our teaching guides to help you help your child. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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Homeschool Set Item # Price Qty
Grade 3, ELA HMS-515NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 3, Mathematics HMS-509NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 4, ELA HMS-516NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 4, Mathematics HMS-510NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 5, ELA HMS-517NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 5, Mathematics HMS-511NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 6, ELA HMS-518NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 6, Mathematics HMS-512NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 7, ELA HMS-519NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 7, Mathematics HMS-513NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 8, ELA HMS-520NASEHMS $54.99
Grade 8, Mathematics HMS-514NASEHMS $54.99

*Each set includes:

1 Student Edititon

1 Teacher's Manual

1 Student Assessment